The Viper

It may seem pretty innocuous but be careful, the Viper packs a punch. Suit up and get ready for an apple cider beer that sneaks up and delivers a fierce bite.

How to make it:

1 Woodchuck Cider Beer (12 oz)
1 shot Absolute Currant

When it’s good:

On hot summer days when you need something light but potent. Especially when you’re grilling chicken on your deck or maybe after you’ve just flown a sortie in your Viper

Viper ordinance drop


Bottoms Up! Welcome to Drink Central.

Welcome to Drink Central. Here we’ll post drink recipes that we think are pretty freaking good. If you’ve got any drinks you swear by, feel free to shoot us a message and we just might feature it here! Since we’re all about selfless promotion, feel free to change the “original” drink name to one that is better suited to match your personality. We all need to leave a legacy on this Earth after we’re gone, why not make that legacy a stellar drink?

Hypersonic – Moving forward at Mach 10

Where do we come from?  That’s a great question, thank you for asking!

Hypersonic Labs was officially founded in May of 2011 by Dr. Jeremy P. Hampton, PharmD, BCPS, a Duke University trained Doctor of Pharmacy who decided he was tired of the status quo and it was time to do something to help make life a little better.

After coming home from an Emergency Department shift, Dr. Hampton collapsed on the sofa and settled in to watch the Red Bull Air Races.  As he watched some amazing pilots like Mike Mangold and Kirby Chambliss tear up the skies, an idea struck like a snap roll.  He thought to himself, “I’ve got 3 problems:  1) I’m tired of paying $5 per can of Red Bull.  I like the taste of it, but it makes me feel miserable 30 minutes after I finish it.  Then I feel worse when I realize I’ve just spent $5 dollars I didn’t have to.  2)  I still like grabbing a couple of cold beers with my wife and friends from time to time, but I’m getting older and hangovers attack me after only a couple of beers.  I need to fix that.  3)  I’ve got more and more going on at work and it’s getting harder to remember everything and focus in on what needs to get done.  I should probably fix that too.”

Without wasting a second, Dr. Hampton watched the end of the race.  But then he quickly switched from relax and watch airplanes mode into “do some research and fix these problems” mode.  After several months of exhaustive research, the Hypersonic Labs line of Hypersonic Supplements was born.

You may notice that aviation is interwoven throughout the fabric of Hypersonic Labs.  This can be explained by the fact that as a child, Dr. Hampton was bitten hard by the aviation bug after having the opportunity to fly in his Uncle’s Piper Tri-Pacer.  That first flight on a cool, crisp November afternoon left a lasting impression that is made manifest in each product that Hypersonic Labs develops.  We’re extremely proud to say that our first offerings include:

Wingman™ – This amazing supplement was designed to do one thing…Destroy Hangovers.  Using an exhaustively researched blend of natural ingredients, Wingman™ helps prevent hangovers from ever starting by, a) speeding the breakdown of alcohol, and b) providing anti-oxidant action, and c) decreasing the release of hangover-causing molecules (for those who love science, these molecules would be the pro-inflammatory cytokines such as Il-10, Il-12, and IFN-gamma).  If you don’t care about all of the sciencey explanations, just know that Wingman™ is like a hangover-seeking missile that locks on and destroys the misery-inducing toxins, leaving you clear headed and ready to take flight the next morning.

Hypersonic Energy™ – This is for all those who share the frustration of spending a ton of money on sugary, bloated, misery inducing, expensive energy drinks that give you a little energy at first, but ultimately make you feel worse than you did before you drank it.  Hypersonic Energy lights your afterburners within about 20 minutes and it lasts up to 6 hours!  It’s an indescribably good feeling of energy, and the best part is that it won’t cause jitters like energy drinks and shots will.  Make sure to use Hypersonic Energy every morning to kick your day off right.


Hypersonic Focus™ – As a collective, we are busier today than we’ve ever been at any point in human history.  We try to balance endless responsibilities as we fill multiple roles, and we’re expected to do it all without fail.  But as the responsibilities mount, so does the stress.  As stress mounts, our minds become more disheveled and it becomes much more difficult to focus on the task at hand, let alone remember what we’re supposed to do tomorrow.  Hypersonic Focus™ helps provide the additional mental clarity you need to keep your plates spinning and your life balanced.  Using natural ingredients that have been studied as adjunctive therapy for ADD/ADHD, Alzheimers, dementia, and general stress, Hypersonic Focus™ is the lens you need to focus the power of your mind so that you can reach your full potential.

We’re constantly researching new ideas to make life a little bit better than it was the day before.  Stay with us and we can make things better together!


image credit: Felt a Heritage Flight photo would be appropriate here since Hypersonic Labs loves aviation heritage.

image credit:
Felt a Heritage Flight photo would be appropriate here since Hypersonic Labs carries some aviation heritage.

***Oh yeah, in case you were wondering where the name Hypersonic Labs came from, it’s because supersonic just isn’t fast enough.  While supersonic speeds will take you up to 5 Mach, or 3,840 MPH, Hypersonic takes you to entirely new levels of speed.  How does 10 Mach (7,680 MPH) for hypersonic, or 25 Mach (16,250 MPH) for high-hypersonic sound?  I’m literally drooling thinking about how much fun it would be to move that fast!***